Piedra afilar MinoSharp, 1000/8000gr

Icludes a double sided water whetstone #1000 & #8000 grit, small & large guide rails. The #1000 grit is for fine sharpening. The #8000 grit, hones and gives the knife blade a fine polish finish and keeps the edge sharp & maintained. The small and large guide rails will place the correct blade angle onto the cutting edge. This whetstone should soak in water for 10 to 15 minutes before using.


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The whetstone are of the universal size of 210mm x 70mm x 22mm to fit our specialy designed cases and holders.They combine 2 of the following colours-code stones:
- Yellow - Super fine Finish - 8000 grit- Yellow Color: This shold be uses to finely hone your knifes. Using this stone will help you to
  keep your knifes shaper, for longer periods. Sharp blades help to maintain the freshness of fish, vegetables and meat etc.
- Blue: Medium Finish - 1000 Grit - Blue Color: This is the main stone required for sharpening knifes which have become blunt.
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